Peter Wilcock

A deep passion for wildlife and remote places is reflected in Peter’s unique animal studies and dramatic landscapes, whilst his extensive library encompasses all the diverse assignments of a top Photographer from Showbiz (Coronation Street and Brookside) , to Politicians, light features and hard news. He is a qualified Teacher and has lectured on Photography at the Central Lancashire University and at Colleges in the North West of England
His association with the Redback Spider began on a visit to his son in Perth, Western Australia, when rummaging through the garden shed he was given a nasty nip by a Redback called 'Bruce', however the male being the least deadly of the species, need I say more, he survived and named his Agency in honour of this small but deadly Antipodean Arachnid.
Since making his home in Ireland, Peter has developed a profound empathy with the entrancing and multi-faceted Irish culture, which is reflected in his superb imagery.

Sligo Foto Breaks